Submission is the Key to Recovery

Never make a promise that you are not prepared to keep.  I had prayed to the Father for specific instructions for my life.  I had prayed for over two years concerning the same thing.  When the Lord finally sent His response to my fervent prayer, He made it so clear that I could not miss it.  He answered everything that I had questions about. Over the years, I had told the Lord that I would do whatever he said do… all I needed was for him to speak and tell me the way to go.

I was very honest and sincere in my prayer, but when the Lord spoke and gave me instructions, I found it very hard to keep my word. I don’t know what I expected would happen, but I guess I  thought that I would jump on board with no questions asked. To my surprise, everything within me kicked against the Father’s instructions.  The desire that I had to move at his command had dissipated.

God’s response left me feeling cheated.  I felt as if He had chose to sacrifice me rather than avenge me, because He was asking me to yield and surrender to a situation, when I was expecting deliverance.  I knew that the Father knows what’s best for me, and I trusted His will for my life, but I found it extremely hard to submit to His will.  One would think that after praying for 2 1/2  years that I would have delightfully surrendered, but I yielded with a reluctant heart.  I can imagine how the young rich ruler felt, when he asked Jesus, “what must I do to be saved?” and the Lord told him to sell all that he had and give the money to the poor (Mark 10:17-27).  Has God ever asked you to do something, and you felt that it was more than you could give or more than you were willing to give?  

The lesson that I leaned from this prayer request and response is that obedience is better than sacrifice.  I learned that you must be willing to submit to the Father’s orders.  Even though I wanted to rebel and in my heart I was kicking & screaming, I knew that submission was what the Father wanted from me.  My submission to his instructions was my deliverance…  It did not look like it at the time, but indeed it was.  Sometimes we want God to give us a way out, and all He offers us, is a way through! 

Submission to the Father is the key to recovery!  After a major injury or surgery, one of the hardest things for some people to do, is submit to the recovery process.  Some people go so far as to try to function as if the injury does not exist.   Submission is hard, especially when it limits your capacity, but submission to the Doctor’s orders is necessary for recovery.  Many people get broken, hurt, and grief stricken along life’s journey, yet they simply move on and keep moving as if nothing ever happened.  This is not the Father’s remedy.    To everything under the sun, there is an appointed season.  There is a season to conquer and a season to heal and surrender.  My Father asked me to surrender to His will in my situation, not to conquer, not to fight, but to yield.  My obedience to this mandate was my recovery, indeed, it was my deliverance and healing.

Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it. Luke 11:28

I pray that you will surrender your will to the father, and seek to know His good and perfect will in every situation.  May you trust that His grace is truly sufficient for you.  In Jesus name I pray….. Amen.

Dr. E. N. Robinson