Dear 2018

Hello 2018,

When I was a child I thought that we would have flying cars  by now.  Instead we have IPhones, Androids, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Movies and shows on Demand, YouTube, and online banking and trading!   Growing up in a era where kids actually played outside, met friends face-to-face, I can honestly say, I didn’t see this one coming.  Last year brought death to me.  I kissed death knowing that he had no power over my loved ones.   Faith also came and I saw miracles, and I experienced miracles.    Last year I felt pain, I felt sadness, I overcame pain, I overcame sadness.  Last year I felt joy and happiness, I felt loved,  I gave love, I felt forgiveness, and I gave forgiveness.   I can truly say that I lived, I loved, I lost and I recovered.  2018,  I look forward to our journey together!  I don’t know what you hold for me, but I know who holds you.  He is the giver and keeper of time, He is Your creator, my Father, my Savior and Lord.   So here’s to a great year because I trust the creator of time and my life is in His hands. 



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