Humility is Telling your Ego No

In some, most or even all situations humility means telling your ego no!  The ego usually desires to operate contrary to the Word of God, therefore it must be subdued. It is self-centered, self-seeking, thinks that it is always right and always desires its own way. While the ego helps with the development of positive self-esteem, if  left unchecked, it can take “self-consciousness” to an unhealthy extreme.

Subduing the ego, means recognizing its influence on your perception of reality, your decisions and how you relate to others, then giving it healthy boundaries.   You might ask, “what is a healthy boundary?”   Giving the ego boundaries, means surrendering the need to be right all of the time, and have things your way.  This refrain is especially hard when one believes that the other person is wrong.

Humility might cause the ego to feel a little weak or bruised, but one must never let the ego rule the spirit, on the contrary, the spirit (the part of you that is made new in Christ Jesus (II Corinthians 5:17)) must rule and give direction to your whole being because your spirit is perfect and always responds in obedience to Christ.   Hence, humility is necessary, so that the righteousness of God can be revealed in you by faith.


Dr. E. N. Robinson

2 thoughts on “Humility is Telling your Ego No”

  1. Wow this is a really good read. Imagine the level of balance and peace one would have by applying this. Surely you could break cycles, unhealthy habits,and even keep a few friends.


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